Since the establishment of SNIMPOL in 1997, we have focused on solving mechanical problems in printing houses and packaging production plants. During this time, we have adapted our services to the functioning of these enterprises. We are characterized by fast response time thanks to mobile service, solving problems related to parts within Poland, which significantly reduces machine downtime and repair costs, and independence thanks to the our parts warehouse and our workshop with metal processing machines. Following the leading trends on the market, we specialize in narrow-web, wide-web and cardboard packaging machines. We carry out repairs, renovations, modernizations and sale of machines, ensuring the continuity of production and expanding our customer’s production capabilities.

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SNIMPOL - the polish agent of SPGPrints in industrial applications

SNIMPOL is the authorized agent of SPGPrints(previously STORK), which is the biggest supplier of OEM rotary screen printing units and screens for rotary screen printing. SPGPrint screen printing units are used by narrow web press producers such as Mark Andy, Bobst, Omet, MPS, Labelmen, Lombardi and Nilpeter. SPGPrints also provides devices, that enable preparing screens for the rotary printing process. SPGPrints is also the pioneer in rotary screen printing applications. The company invented RSI Production Line, which can print any application on roll to roll substrate. RSI Production Line is the all-time game changer. It is capable of printing electronics, biosensors, and solar panels. It is particularly suitable to print high volumes. Ink, glue, paste, silver and carbon can be applied faster than other printing techniques and apply thickness of up to 250 micrometer.

Brotech co. ltd. agency in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia

SNIMPOL Sp. z o. o. is an authorized agent of Brotech CO.LTD. in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The cooperation consists not only of the resale of Brotech machines but also of their installation and warranty and post-warranty service. Brotech is a manufacturer of narrow and wide-web machines for the production of labels and foil packaging and their further processing. Our offer includes printing machines, rewinders, booklet machines, machines for special labels with RFID antennas, inspection machines, packaging machines, and many others. Each machine can be individually configured by the customer for his production. The Brotech company has its showroom in Italy where you can see the machines at work.

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