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Quality matching the original

The spare parts for machines we offer are made of top quality raw materials comingexclusively from European suppliers. Most of our stock is produced in-house. Thanks to ourflexible production process, we’re able to develop parts and equipment 100% suited to yourneeds. Try us out and stop overspending

Hot-stamping you have not experienced before

We’re the one and only producer of heating plates individually adjusted to a particular machine. The plates are made of a special aluminum alloy, which provides perfect parameters for working in high-temperature environment.

The quality of gilding has never been this high.

Clutches and gears

Clutches and gears for SOLOFLEX and MIRAFLEX machines. Thanks to our cooperation with the leaders of foil printing market, we have a wide variety of subassemblies for SOLOFLEX and MIRAFLEX machines at our full disposal. We’re also offering clutches, gears and drive shafts of increased durability.