About us

Our company was founded in 1998 and for over 20 years it has built a strong position in the market of mechanical servicing of machines working in printing houses. Our customers have trusted us thanks to the specialized staff who make every effort to solve their problems with the machine park as soon as possible. We gained their trust through the immediate execution of orders and the flexibility with which we adapt to production plans. Our machine park allows us to minimize dependence on external suppliers and to complete tasks in the shortest possible time. Cooperation with us is based on partnership – before starting the order, we encourage you to meet or contact us by phone to let us get acquainted and learn about your goals and priorities.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to support the printing industry in order to maintain business continuity and improve production processes. We are aware of the fact that our clients are suppliers of pharmacological, food and chemical companies that are responsible for the production of necessities, therefore we know how important the reliability and time of the services performed are. We want to serve our knowledge and technical facilities at the highest level, building long-term relationships based on partnership and trust.

Our vision is to create an organization that will contribute to building a better tomorrow through the implementation of new technologies, openness to innovation and cooperation with business partners. Together with them, we want to create a safer and calmer future by constantly improving the production line and solving technical problems. We believe that reducing the amount of human work through innovative and reliable methods is a direction that leads us to strengthen our relationships with our clients.