Nilpeter MO-3300S printing machine


MODEL: MO-3300-S

ROK: 2005



– Accuweb web guide
– Vetaphone Corona treater
– Kelva web cleaner
– Infeed control with load cell
– 9 Servo printing stations, only 2 to 6 are offset
– 9 GEW single bulb UV lamps model VCP with power brick, one after each flexo printing station with chill drums
– Lamination unwinder with pneumatic nip (Selfadhesive or UV lamination)
– 1 platform servo for die cut cassette
– Standard length slitting
– Standard single shaft rewinder
– Chiller for recirculation of cold water
– Baldwin fount solution for offset units
– GMI Microcolor control for offset keys operation for color adjustment.