Die cutting automats service


We have over 20 years of experience in die cutting automats repairs. We offer periodic technical revisions as well as identification and removal of all kinds of defects. Thanks to our backshop, we are able to avoid importing spare parts from abroad which reduces time and costs of the maintenance. We offer our business partners spare parts such as chains, bearings, grippers bars, fast clamping die frames and shafts. We provide safety systems for machine operators such as safe switches, covers and light barriers.


Die cutting cyliders and hand platen die cutters service


Our company provides on-site service and repairs of die cutting cylinders and hand platen die cutters. Repair consists in restoring faulty apparatus to its fully serviceable condition in compliance with the relevant standards. We replace and regenerate end-of-life units. All clutches are being carefully checked and brought back to the standard of apparatus initial design. We replace shell bearings and ball bearings with new ones and eliminate shaft end clearance. We also replace machine automatics if needed. Restoration concerns the general appearance of the machine so we fill the gaps in filler and then paint it all.