Label printing machines service


One of the main recipients of our services are label printers. As an agent of SPGPrints OEM screen printing station supplier and Brotech label finishing machine manufacturer, we have hands-on experience in repairing and maintaining all brands of narrow web machines. We have been solving technical problems, remanufacturing parts, modernizing and improving all devices of this type for over 20 years! Thanks to our well-developed machine park, we can avoid long-term downtime of production machines caused by the import of parts from the manufacturer. A network of cooperators and suppliers, built on experience and trust, allows us to quickly implement projects and not expose our clients to contractual penalties and other losses.

Midweb/Wideweb printers and flexo slotters engineering


The packaging industry has been dominated by the flexographic printing method. As SNIMPOL, we service narrow, medium and wide web flexographic web printing machines for printing film and paper. We also provide services to companies that print corrugated cartons with rotary machines. We service and solve technical problems, improve production and supply tooling. We comprehensively supply flexographic printing houses with parts needed for the continuous operation of their machines. When the repair requires it, we disassemble the elements, repair them at our workshop and then install them in working order and put them into operation. We adapt to the customer’s production plans.