SPGPritnts provides three types of screens:
RotaPlate – The alternative for users of woven screen material. It is a solid nickel sheet with a honeycomb grid. It makes screens extremely sturdy and more stable than the others, available on the market. RotaPlate is very resistant to wrinkling and, unlike woven materials, virtually never breaks or gets damaged during press set-up or printing and has 40% more holes per square centimeter. The lifespan of screens is about 50,000 linear meters.
RotaMesh – The absolute game changer in rotary screen printing. Like RotaPlate, it is a solid nickel sheet with a honeycomb grid but even thicker and sturdier. The phenomenal is, that it is possible to re-engrave and re-coat one screen over 15 times for different jobs and a lifespan approaching 500,000 linear meters of printed substrate. It is possible to order a seamless screen. The mesh is patented and protected by law.
SecuPlate and SecuScreen – Exceptionally reliable, long-lasting screens for long-lasting, highly accurate print results on a wide range of web-widths and sheet sizes for finishing presses for banknotes. These screens work optimally with security inks. Some key words in this respect: OVIs, OVIMs (like Spark and Spark Live), tactile or optical authentication and holographic security features.


SPGPrints is the manufacturer of all devices needed in screens pre-press process like:
Standard for RotaPlate: Sheet cutting/punching device, washing and inspection devices, sealing, ending gluing, coating and exposing devices
Standard for RotaMesh: Endring gluing/coating, drying, exposing, developing, inspection, polymerisation, stripping and washing devices
variLEX  – The multifunctional CTP solution.  Equipped with a multibeam fiber diode laser system for ablating the black mask and/or a multi-beam diode UV-laser system to directly expose UV-sensitive materials like rotary screens. The machine can be equipped with different mounting cylinders to handle different materials so it can be used for exposing flexo plates as well as screens.
rotaLEN – The Direct Laser Engraver, which is specially designed to serve printers in the label and security market. It can be easily integrated into existing workflow and engraves images onto RotaMesh and RotaPlate screen material.

Watch the movie of variLEX presentation by simply clicking on the photo beside this article.


The SPGPrints RSI module is a self-contained, single colour printing unit that can easily be integrated onto your existing press. The screen printing units are designed to permit grat flexibility in placement on your machine. Depending on your press, RSI units may be fitted in a fixed or flexible position. Units are available for print widths up to 26″.

If you want to print even wider and longer, the RSI Mid Web is the ideal solution for you.  This print module is your best choice with print widths ranging from 600mm to 900mm. Also available in explosion-proof execution. (ATEX)

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The RSI Hot Air rotary screen printing line is a high volume solution for printing electronics, biosensors, solar panels, printed boards, diabetics testing strips and other industrial applications, which require printing fine details with high deposits. It can print any application in a Roll-to-Roll substrate. It can be managed by a single operator. The RSI line exists with a minimum of one printing block and can be easily extended with multiple units. It can be integrated with UV/NIR/IR systems. It handles all sorts of substrates, from every sensitive film to heavy paper. Ink, glue, paste, silver and carbon can be applied faster than other printing techniques.

Watch the movie of the RSI Production Line presentation by simply clicking on the photo beside this article.


Rotary screen printing is used to apply various coatings to the substrate. Thanks to its versatility, it is used, among others, in:

1) Packaging – labels, shrink sleeve labels
2) Pharmacy – test strips for glucose meters / COVID19
3) Renewable energy – photovoltaic printing
4) Security – RFID antennas, banknote security features

And many more…